The Irish Criminal Justice System

The Irish Criminal Justice system is an adversarial system where the prosecution side pits itself against the defence to prove its case. This requires the prosecution to prove to the jury the case against the accused beyond all reasonable doubt.  Criminal cases are prosecuted by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on behalf of the State.  One of the downsides of this system is that the victim is not directly a party to the proceedings.  However in recent years there has been much more recognition given to victims and the victim’s rights in the process.

A victims’ charter was drawn up some years ago by the Department of Justice and Equality – see under Victims’ Charter.

More information on the criminal justice system of use to victims is contained in the Victims Charter and Guide to the Criminal Justice system.  There is also very useful information to be found on the website of the Director of Public Prosecutions at www.dppireland.ie

Click on the link below to bring you to a link for a downloadable diagram of the structure of the Irish courts system –

Structure of the courts – February 2016