Court hearing

On the morning of the case, the volunteer assigned to the case will meet with the victim, their family and witnesses and bring them to the witness rooms to wait until the trial starts. The volunteer will accompany those involved throughout the trial.  If the victim does not wish to have volunteer accompaniment throughout the trial, access can be given to the witness rooms. Refreshments such tea, coffee and biscuits provided by V-SAC are available in the witness rooms.

Following your trial:

In the event of a conviction and the handing down of a prison sentence to the accused, we will advise you about the Victim Liaison Service available to you from the Irish Prison Service.

When a victim of crime makes a request, the Prison Service Victim Liaison Officer will enter into direct contact with them to inform them of any significant development in the management of the perpetrator’s sentence as well as any impending release.

For more details go to www.irishprisons.ie.