Pre-trial visit to the court

The first involvement with our service for a victim, family member or witness is usually the pre-trial visit to see and experience the layout of the court.  This will usually be arranged with V-SAC by the Garda liaison officer who has responsibility for the case.  At a suitable time, a visit will be arranged to see the inside of the court while the court is not sitting. A volunteer from V-SAC will explain the layout of the court and outline the trial process. During this visit you will also be shown the separate suite of rooms which are available during the trial. These rooms are not open to the general public and provide a place of privacy for the victim, family and witnesses while the trial continues.

If you need extra support to give your evidence – such as help with a disability, an interpreter or support with any other special needs – you should discuss this with the Garda liaison officer. You can also get in touch with our service ahead of the trial and we can alert the court to assist you on the day.